I am a software engineer in Silicon Valley.


My interests include distributed computing, data mining, programming, data visualization, and the social web.

Recent Posts

Using YARN with Cgroups

14 Jun 2013

One of YARN's exciting new features is its support for Cgroups in YARN containers. This post shows how to setup and use Cgroups with YARN 2.0.5-alpha.

Tech Exits: What You Should Know

22 Oct 2012

After a long drought, some tech companies in the Valley (and abroad) are opting to file for IPOs. Meanwhile, goliaths like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are scooping up smaller startups in acquisitions. I thought it might be worth sharing some things that are worth knowing if you work in the valley.

Hortonworks YARN Developer Meetup Notes (October '12)

12 Oct 2012

On Friday, I presented, "Building Applications on YARN," at the Apache YARN meet-up at Hortonworks. This post contains my slides, as well as notes about the meet-up.

Kafka Consumer Memory Tuning

05 Oct 2012

Kafka consumers have a somewhat nuanced memory footprint due to buffering. I'll go over memory tuning for consumers to prevent out of memory exceptions.

Schedules & Scores API for Streaming Live Sports Stats

29 Sep 2012

One of my side projects ("Game Time, Baby!":http://getgametimebaby.com) required a way to programmatically load realtime live sports scores and schedules via an API. This page contains a rundown of the various options and services available.

Killing Subprocesses in Linux/Bash

25 Sep 2012

A common requirement when writing Bash scripts in Linux is to kill all a process and all of its child that were spawned. This tutorial describes various methods to prevent orphaned subprocesses.

Hadoop, Pig, and SQL

27 Mar 2010

It is sometimes difficult for SQL users to learn Pig because their mind is used to working in SQL. In this tutorial, examples of various SQL statements are shown, and then translated into Pig statements.

BlackBerry Storm GPS

22 Mar 2010

This example outlines how to get GPS working on a real BlackBerry Storm using Verizon Wireless with GPS and data services enabled.

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